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This is a project blog for "DNAngel: Hand Animated" by Jaelin F.

Some personal art and blogging may occur. Have a nice day.

Project status: on hiatus due to school.

Original post I made (and copying bits and pieces from, for below)


I think she really deserves this, and she’s working really hard to win this modelling contest. It’s a huge opportunity for her to break into the business, but she needs a lot more votes (300+ more, as of this post…!). She’s made it so far, to the top 10!

You can vote every 24 hours, so… I’d be really grateful if you helped out.

Even if you can’t vote because you don’t have a facebook, please reblog so others can see? Please? Thanks!

I’m gonna be reblogging this every day… so… yeah, please vote!

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